Thermal Pools & Facilities

Moree's Famous Hot Artesian Springs



Welcome to the Gwydir Carapark and it’s Geothermal Artesian Pools

  1. To make your stay more enjoyable we have listed few easy steps that you should undertake prior to bathing to make you experience a more enjoyable one.
  2. Before entering the pools, take a shower with soap as this helps cleanses and removes any oils from the body and helps the minerals penetrate into the skin much quicker.
  3. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and also to promote perspiration.
  4. Enter the pools gradually to adjust your body temperature, pour the warm water over hands, arms, chest towards your heart as this dilates the blood vessels and prevents dizziness later on.
  5. Do not stay in the hot pools any longer than 15 minutes as the hot water could raise your blood pressure and increase your heart rate. If your forehead feels sweaty, then it is time to take a rest out of the pool and have a cold drink of water. The key is to listen to your body.
  6. The beneficial mineral absorption of the artesian water can last for up to three hours. Therefore it is recommended to shower after taking the soak in the pools.
  7. You will find that after your soak that your body may feel tiered even though you feel refreshed. It requires 2-3 hours until your blood pressure stabilises.

Content of the water sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, iron & alumina and silica.

This information has been brought to you by the resident Author of the new book “Australia’s Great Thermal Way”. This book details over 40 Geothermal Bore baths and Springs Australia wide and is the only one of its kind.

To purchase a copy of the book he can be found at the poolside @ 8am & 4pm for sales and further information or at site 24. Books are also available at the office 

  • Air Conditioned Self Contained Cabins/Villas
  • Powered Caravan Site Parking
  • Artesian Thermal Pools
  • 25m Lap Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Kiosk
  • BBQ Areas
  • TV Room
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Showers
  • Linen Hire
  • Washing Facilities
  • Pets Allowed 3 Nights Only (Not allowed in Cabins/Villas & Motel Rooms)
  • Local Tour Bus Pickup